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This article was written on 6. 1., 2018, and is filled under Messages~メッセージ, News, Transformation Tools.

NEWS: “What is Hodosology? ~ ホドソロジーとは”出版のお知らせ

『What is Hodosology? ~ ホドソロジーとは』



待望の『What Is Hodosology? 〜 ホドソロジーとは』が2018年1月15日にオンラインショップから発売されます!それに先駆けクリストファーからメッセージが届いております。




スピリット自身、スピリットと宇宙(ユニバース)、スピリットと他の生命との関係性を取り扱い研究したものがホドソロジーです。 ホドソロジーという言葉の由来は、「道」「道路」「旅」「道筋」を意味するギリシャ語の“hodos”と、やはりギリシャ語で「~の研究」「~の科学」を意味する“ology”です。つまり、ホドソロジーとは道の科学、または道の研究を意味します。


『What Is Hodosology? 〜 ホドソロジーとは』の本は、読者がホドソロジーの哲学と原理を理解しやすいように紹介し説明しています。


『What Is Hodosology? 〜 ホドソロジーとは』を読むことで、新しい気づきへの第一歩を踏み出すことができるでしょう。



~ ~ お知らせ ~ ~


“What is Hodosology?”
by Christopher Currell

Long awaited book “What is Hodosology?” (Japanese version) will be available from our online shop on Jan. 15, 2018. We received a message from Christopher prior to the book lease.

What Is Hodosology?

For a good portion of my life, I have been interested in helping people. In my experience I have found that people’s problems stem from the human mind. One must understand and handle the aberrations of the mind in order to reach his/her full potential. From this experience, I have also found, with no doubt whatsoever, that man is a spiritual being.

Working with people, I have used many new and advanced techniques and technologies covering a vast amount of subjects to help improve their lives. To better train and communicate these technologies to more people, I have given the overall subject the name “Hodosology”.

Hodosology is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. The word Hodosology comes from the Greek hodos, which means “a way, road, journey, path” and the Greek word ology, meaning “study of “ or “science of” thus, Hodosology means study or science of the way.

Hodosology is a philosophy, which concentrates on the betterment of normal awareness, intelligence, and communication. Hodosology is the step-by-step rehabilitation of a person as a spiritual being with all his original abilities. By rehabilitation is meant that every being by its origin has a lot of abilities and goals, which are lost in the course of its history. However, these are still existent and can be restored.

The book “What Is Hodosology?” was written to give the reader an understandable introduction and explanation, of the philosophy and principals of Hodosology.

I highly recommend the book “What Is Hodosology?” to anyone that is interested in the mind, spirituality and expanding consciousness.

Reading “What Is Hodosology?” is your first step to a new awareness!

May you never be the same!

Christopher Currell

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Available at our online shop from Jan. 15, 2015!(Japanese only)