Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


This article was written on 12. 2., 2013, and is filled under News, Report & Photo Gallery.

TOKYO REPORT: 2回目のカレルエフェクトin東京



The Currell Effect started in Tokyo in November 2012. We then had the CE Kobe in December, CE Okinawa in January 2013 and ended in Tokyo on February 1st to 3rd. We returned to the same wonderful location, 3B. This place was already tuned for the Currell Effect and the vibration of the session room was quite high even before we started the CE sessions. We had many repeaters as well as new people and almost all the sessions were full. According to the feedback, the participants seemed to have had more profound experiences. Some people attended total of 5 sessions. Also some people shared the stories with big smiles and sparkling eyes that their lives have changed greatly since the last CE in November. These stories prove how powerful sound is. Many people also attended the discussion group. We had very open, casual and fun discussion. Support staff came not only from Tokyo and Chiba but also from Nagoya, Osaka, Shiga and three from Okinawa. Participants came from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. About 340 participants in total experienced the Currell Effect. We are so grateful for all participants who attended and the staff who supported our activities.

This series of the Currell Effect ended in Tokyo. We will be announcing the dates and the location of CE Version 2, a more advanced version of the Currell Effect. Stay tuned!