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This article was written on 8. 7., 2013, and is filled under Music~ミュージック, News.

NEW CD: Currell Effect vol. 2

♪♪♪ ニューCDリリース! ♪♪♪
Currell Effect Volume 2 – Disk I ~ IV

CE2 CD Set Currell Effect Volume 2 – Disk I, II, III, IV


Garden of Zoe

Garden Of Zoe

もう1枚新しいCDが7月のカレルエフェクト東京でリリースされます。セッションの受付・ラウンジやセミナー会場で流れている音楽の問合せがとても多く、新たにCDとしてリリースすることになりました。”Garden of Zoe (ガーデン・オブ・ゾー)” は瞑想やバイブレーションの浄化を目的としたサウンドスケープ(音の風景)です。1日中CDを流してお部屋やオフィスなどの空間のクレンジングやバイブレーションを整えるのに大変効果的です。

♪♪♪ New CD Release ♪♪♪

Currell Effect Volume 2 – Disk I, II, III, IV
Together with a launch of the Currell Effect version 2  at Ashiya, we released 4 new CDs, Currell Effect Volume 2 Disk I to IV. Volume 2 series are also improvised performance by Christopher Currell designed to connect the listeners to the universe by harmonic resonance of the quantum potential. Basically, the structure of the CDs are the same as CE sessions, but the vibrational frequencies are different from CE volume 1 CDs and sound quality is more refined.

Garden of Zoe
A new CD will be released this July at Currell Effect Tokyo. We received many inquiries about the music we play at the reception/lounge area at the CEs or at the seminar rooms, and we decided to release this music as a new CD. It is called “Garden of Zoe” and it is an audio vibration soundscape for meditation and purification. It is very effective in harmonizing the environment or vibration of your rooms and/or offices.

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