Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


This article was written on 30. 7., 2013, and is filled under News, Report & Photo Gallery.

TOKYO REPORT: カレルエフェクトv2東京






Currell Effect version 2 Tokyo, which took place on July 13 to 15, ended on a very good note. This was the third CE in Tokyo but the first CEv2. We had repeaters but we also had many newcomers as well as participants from other prefectures. We are very pleased to know that the participants seemed to have had unique yet deeper and more consciousness expanding experiences compare to version 1.

Participants have eye masks on during the session, so nobody can see Christopher perform. Included below is a snapshot of Christopher setting up for a session.

We had a discussion group on the last day, an open freeform Q&A. Many interesting questions were asked; such as, is the earth a planet for music, about other sound technology, difference between spirit and soul, movie “Matrix” and others. Facial expressions of participants while listening to various information from Christopher were quite exceptional!

Preparation for the next CE is moving along. We will be announcing the next CE shortly. Please stay tuned!