Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


This article was written on 10. 10., 2013, and is filled under News, Report & Photo Gallery.

TOKYO REPORT: カレルエフェクト東京4

CE Tokyo








ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1
12月14日(土)〜15日(日)10:00〜18:00 (受付開始 9:30)

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The Currell Effect started in Nov. 2012 and it is moving forward. We just held our 7th Currell Effect in Tokyo. The CE sessions went very well with many new participants as well as repeaters.

Overall, participants for this CE seem to have good sensitivities. Some of the repeaters had quite profound realizations and shared their experiences with twinkles in their eyes, and their excitements spread to us and to the other participants. Clearly everything is vibration and resonance!

We had interesting questions during the Discussion Group. It was so much fun that the time went by very quickly. We are very grateful for all the people who came to the CE and the Discussion Group.

The Currell Effect continues to evolve. We will be announcing the ultimate CE called CEX, which is quite a big jump from the current CE. Yes, the consciousness expansion is going to accelerate! We will be proving a preparation course for those who wish to take the CEX sessions. Please stay tuned!

The new project “Transformation Tools” was also announced at the Discussion Group.

All of Christopher’s activities address the spirit directly to help expand one’s consciousness by connecting the spirit to the universe. This Transformation Tools (TT) is a comprehensive portal where all of Christopher’s projects come together. Of course the Currell Effect and his music projects are included but new addition is the iExpansion, where participants will master tools for consciousness expansion and goal achievement through workshops, lectures, and seminars. All of these courses will start with improvised performances by Christopher for vibrational tuning.

The first project for the Transformation Tools (TT) will be iExpansion workshop in Tokyo in mid December. There are many exercises included to accelerate people’s awareness and for people to develop better life. Our portal site will be launched shortly. It is still under construction but you can preview from the link below.

Life Orientation Workshop 1
Dec. 14 (Sat) to 15 (Sun) 10:00〜18:00 (Registration at 9:30)
Kanda, Tokyo