Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


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REPORT: CEX準備コース(part 2)

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CEX Prep Course Workshop

CEX Prep May 2014




さらにユニバースとコミュニケーションするための、高度なコミュニケーションスキルとして「言葉を使わないコミュニケーション」(NVB: non-verbal communiation)および違うタイプのNVBコミュニケーションがあることを学び、その後その違いを認識するエクササイズが行われました。これも参加者にとっては新しい情報だったため、エクササイズを通して、少し違いが感覚的にわかったようです。

そしてとてもありがたいことに、6月に開催するCEXは1ヶ月半前に満席になったため、半日追加しましたが、そちらも満席になってしまい、再び追加しました。残り1席となりました。ご興味がある方は、 早めにご予約ください。




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The CEX Prep Course was a three day workshop. It consists of two days of Communication WS held on May 3rd and 4th, and an Advance Communication WS, which was held a week later on May 11th. Click here for the report on the COM WS.

Since all the CEX Prep Course participants are taking the CEX sessions in June, Christopher gave more detailed explanation how the Currell Effect works (how the sound connects the spirit to the universe), for the first time.The participants were excited to hear this new information.

In order to communicate with the universe, the students learned about the advanced communication skills (NVB: non-verbal communication) and information about different types of NVB communication. These were new information for the students as well and through the excises, they started to sense the differences.

All CEX sessions were fully reserved 1.5 months in advance, so we added extra sessions. They were reserved before we could announce the addition. So we added two more sessions and we currently have only one seat left. Please contact us if you are interested!

The CEX are coming soon! Christopher announced at the CEX Prep Course that the CEX participants who are going on a journey to the universe “CEX Navigator.” May your journey be fun and exciting!

With Infinite Joy!