Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


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REPORT: CEX東京2 & CEXディスカッション会

CEX Tokyo 2 & CEX Discussion Group

CEX Session Room - CEXセッションルーム

CEX Session Room – CEXセッションルーム






《CEX東京3〜Currell Effect X Tokyo 3》
◎開催日 2014年12月20日 (土)~12月22日 (月)
◎時間 完全予約制
◎会場 スペース オブバイフォー


* * *

We once again had many wonderful participants attending the second CEX, which took place on Sep. 27 to 29, 2014. Three days were filled with wonderful vibration. Many participants (CEX navigators) were amazed with the enormous amount of information in the CEX sound and they were having a difficult time explaining their experiences with words. Their vibrational shifts were clearly noticeable before and after the sessions. Seeing such CEX navigators brings us joy.

We had a CEX Discussion gathering one week after CEX on Oct. 5. The CEX navigators from CEX1 and CEX2 gathered regardless of the heavy rain from the typhoon. They all seemed to be experiencing inspiring insights and profound awareness and changes. It is always a lot of fun to hear the CEX navigators feedback.

We are receiving many amazing after effect reports even now. We will be introducing CEX2 experiences and after effects shortly on Transformation Tools website.

The next CEX is scheduled from Dec. 20 to 22 in Tokyo. We will be providing a X’mas Special price. Seats are limited, so don’t miss this opportunity!

《CEX Tokyo 3》
Dec. 20 (Sat) ~ Dec. 22 (Mon)
Space ofbyfor, Tokyo