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REPORT: LOW2 “Space Opera” -「スペース オペラ」

Life Orientation Workshop 2
Space Opera: A History of the Galaxy
スペース オペラ – ヒストリー オブ ギャラクシー



2014年11月21日&22日に東京で主催したiExpansion第3弾のライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 2「スペース オペラ – ヒストリー オブ ギャラクシー」では、よりスケールがビッグな銀河そしてユニバースレベルの知識や視野を持つことで、より自分の視点を広げ本質を知るきっかけになれば嬉しいという思いで開催したワークショップです。






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The third iExpansion project, Life Orientation Workshop 2 “Space Opera: A History of the Galaxy”  took place on Nov. 21 and 22, 2014 in Tokyo. The idea of this workshop was to to help expand people’s viewpoints and awareness by providing much larger scale of knowledge of this galaxy as well as the universe.

Every morning, the curriculum started with a vibrational tuning, an improvised performance by Christopher.  It was a wonderful and fun workshop, just like a galactic university!

Information from Christopher always goes beyond people’s imagination and helps expend people’s awareness. Well…this workshop expanded even more! He gave a series of information one after another that blew participants’ preconceived ideas and/or fixed ideas, and the scale of the talk got bigger and bigger. The dates went back to quadrillion years ago and and even further back where no time existed. For sure, this workshop broadened the participants’ viewpoints and perspectives.

Aside from this vast scale information, we had few simple yet effective exercises as well. It was a wonderful and fun two days.

Please take a look at the photos below.

Infinite Joy!


This will be the last CEX for 2014! The CEX session might be a good way to prepare vibrationally for the new year.

CEX 東京 3
CEX Tokyo 3

2014年12月20日 (土)~22日 (月)
Dec. 20 (Sat) ~ Dec. 22 (Mon)
スペース オブバイフォー
Space ofbyfor, Tokyo
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