Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


This article was written on 30. 12., 2014, and is filled under News, Report & Photo Gallery, Transformation Tools.

REPORT: CEX東京3 & CEXディスカッション会

CEX Tokyo 3 & CEX Discussion Group

CEX Session Room – CEXセッションルーム

CEX Session Room – CEXセッションルーム







第1回目は、多くの方のリクエストに応じて、iExpansionワークショップシリーズ第1弾の「ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1(LOW1)」を再び2015年2月28日〜3月1日に開催します。スピリットにとって、自分は誰か、人生・生命の目的は何かを見定め、物質世界でスピリットがどう相互作用するかなど、基本的な原理を学ぶ2日間のワークショップです。

《ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1(LOW1)》
◎時間:10:00〜17:30(受付開始 9:45)
◎会場:ソフィアホール(東急東横線 自由が丘駅より徒歩3分)


* * *

2014 was a very productive year. We started CEX and held new iExpansion workshops as well as a special project. We ended this year with the third CEX on Dec. 20-22, CEX Discussion Group on Dec. 28 and an year end dinner party with wonderful friends/CEX navigators.

We once again had wonderful participants including many repeaters at the CEX Tokyo 3. Three days were filled with wonderful vibration. Christopher also provided some hints on “How to listen to CEX” to the repeaters. It was very clear that taking more sessions leads the CEX navigators to much deeper level of resonance, which triggers more profound awareness and changes. It is wonderful to see such effects on the participants.

We had a CEX Discussion gathering one week after CEX. It is a very good opportunity for the CEX navigators to share their experiences and after effects. It is always a lot of fun to hear the CEX navigators’ feedback. We were able to confirm once again at the Discussion Group that more CEX sessions they take, small changes within them causes shift in their viewpoints, which lead to certain decisions and actions. As a result, they seem to have more profound realization. CEX is truly one of the important tools for transformation!

The Transformation Tools will continue to provide new projects and workshops next year.

We decided to hold the “Life Orientation Workshop 1” (LOW1) once again due to many requests on Feb. 28 & Mar. 1, 2015. This is the first in the series of iExpansion workshops. It is a 2 day workshop, which orients the spirit as to who he is, the purpose of life, and the basics of the principals of interaction in the physical universe.

《Life Orientation Workshop 1》
Date: Feb. 28 (Sat) ~ Mar. 1 (Sun), 2015
Time: 10:00am – 5:30pm (registration at 9:45am)
Location: Sophia Hall, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

May the year 2015 be filled with radiant light and great advancements!