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REPORT: 2015 LOW1 – ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1

Life Orientation Workshop 1
ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1

LOW1-2015 day 1a


2月28日&3月1日に開催しました2回目のライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1は、素敵な参加者に恵まれて終了しました。






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The second Life Orientation Workshop 1 took place on Feb. 28 and March 1. We were blessed with wonderful participants.

Every morning, the curriculum started with a vibrational tuning, an improvised performance by Christopher.

This workshop, which helps orient the spirit as to who he is, the purpose of life, and the basics of the principals of interaction in the physical universe. It is a Quick Start Guide for the spirit, full of helpful information. This 2 day workshop lays the foundation for all of the Transformation Tools’ activities.

The workshop was packed with useful information, and the explanation by Christopher made it easy to comprehend. We took plenty of time for Q&A. We also had basic exercises to help expand one (=spirit)’s space and communication. We could tell from the participants expressions and reactions that they had fun and exciting two days.

Please take a look at the photos below.

Infinite Joy!



We will be having the renewed and refined Currell Effect at the end of this month. Reservations are filling up. Early reservation is recommended.

cepilot_bnCurrell Effect ~ カレルエフェクト
所要時間 – 1.5時間・完全予約制
セラピースペース パレット

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