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『カレルエフェクト –

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“Currell Effect –
Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential”
by Christopher Currell

Have you ever wondered why sound has such a powerful impact on human consciousness?

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have responded physically, emotionally and mentally to sound. It is obvious that sound and music can effect the human consciousness. Sound can effect one’s emotions, feeling joyful, excited, sad or melancholy. Sound can make the body move as well with rhythm such as drums and percussion. In addition, sound can also create mental phenomenon such as images, colors and patterns in the mind. These effects are so common that they are taken for granted by everyone in daily life.

But what is the actual reason and mechanism that causes these effects?

Scientists and researchers are at a loss as to explain such sound phenomenon in human beings. When inspecting how one hears, we discover that sound is just moving and vibrating air.

How is it possible for a human being to get physical, emotional and mental effects from just moving air? Clearly there is something else going on…something that is not easily detectable by normal experimentation and measurement technologies.

The Currell Effect combines the subjects of vibration, consciousness, quantum mechanics, physics and electromagnetics to give a totally new explanation of the power of sound and consciousness.

The “Currell Effect” offers a never before discovered answer to the question of how sound actually impacts the human body and mind. If you are interested in music, sound and the mechanics of how sound can expand human consciousness, you will be totally engaged in reading the Currell Effect.

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NEWS: Book Release!!
“Currell Effect ~ Harmonic Resonance Of The Quantum Potential”

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