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NEWS: Garden Series ~ ガーデンシリーズ

Garden Series CD Set

Sound Vibrations For A More Harmonious Life


ガーデンシリーズのCDは最初のCDが発売されて以来大変好評で、ベストセラーになっています。クリスマス&ホリデーシーズンに合わせて、ガーデンシリーズCDをセット価格での提供を開始いたします!各CD 2,500円・セット 7,000円。


2017年12月1 日からオンラインショップで販売開始!


Garden of Zoe ~ ガーデン・オブ・ゾー


Garden Of ZoeGarden of Zoeの記事

Garden of Aeon ~ ガーデン・オブ・イーオン


Garden Of Aeon CD
Garden of Aeonの記事

Garden of Vis ~ ガーデン・オブ・ヴィス


Garden Of Vis CD
Garden of Visの記事


 ~ お知らせ ~





2017年12月23日(土)~ 12月25日(月)
所要時間 – CE&CE-RELAXセット 約3時間
所要時間 – CE/CE-RELAXのみ1.5時間
会場: スペース オブバイフォー





*Star Peopleマガジン
クリストファーのインタビュー記事がスターピープルマガジン2017 Winter Vol. 65号に掲載されます。「聴くことによる悟り」をテーマにした特集、12月15日発売予定です。お楽しみに!


Garden Series CD Set

Sound Vibrations For A More Harmonious Life

Garden CDs have been very popular and they have been our best selling CDs since we released our first Garden CD. We have decided to provide a Garden Series Complete CD Set (2,500 yen each, 7,000 yen for set) starting this Holiday season!

We hope you can use these CDs as BGM for various occasions in order to purify and harmonize the vibration.

Garden Series Complete CD Set will be available from our online shop starting Dec. 1, 2017.
<Online Shop>
Currently Japanese only. Please email us if you are interested. (Japanese)

Garden of Zoe

The first CD is designed to purify and harmonized the environment.

Garden Of ZoeAbout “Garden of Zoe”

Garden of Aeon

The second CD is designed to purify, harmonize and elevate the vibration of the spirit.

Garden Of Aeon CD
About “Garden of Aeon”

Garden of Vis

The third CD is designed to be played in the background of your active environment. It can be used to create clean energy in the background of various everyday activities. It also creates a wonderful positive and harmonious vibration for the active workplace.

Garden Of Vis CD
About “Garden of Vis”

Infinite Joy and Harmony… ♪

 ~ Announcement! ~

*Next CE/CE-RELAX Session

☆Currell Effect
By listening to the sound vibrations created by Christopher, listeners can resonate and connect to the vibration of the universe and experience journeys through the universe, different times and dimensions. The Currell Effect is a very powerful sound session, which helps people expand their consciousness. People can live their own lives once they know who they really are. Hope this provide such an opportunity for you!

Think of CE-RELAX as an invigorating experience in a virtual forest. A wonderful nature environment, so real, you feel you are actually there! The propose is to de-stress and relax. It is a great way to prepare oneself for a CE session as well. Being clear headed, rested and relaxed, allows the CE session to be more effective.

<CE & CE-RELAX Session in Tokyo>
Dec. 23 (Sat) ~ Dec. 25 (Mon), 2017
CE & CE-RELAX Set – about 3 hours
CE or CE-RELAX Session – about1.5 hours
Location – Space ofbyfor

Currell Effect


*Spiritual TV
The next appearance is Dec. 4th (Mon) at 8:00 am Japan time (Sun. 4 pm, LA time).

Christopher’s interviews and lectures on Spiritual TV.

*Star People Magazine
Christopher’s interview article will be on “Star People” magazine, 2017 Winter Vol. 65 issue! Sorry Japanese only.

With Infinite Gratitude & Joy!