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NEWS: 🎶Plenum Void “Empyrean Chronicles” CD Release

“Empyrean Chronicles~エンピリアン・クロニクルズ”


Plenum Void
The ‘nothingness’ which holds the potential of all things


《Plenum Void ~ プレナム・ヴォイド》とは:

2011年に音楽をとおして、若い世代を宇宙意識へと繋げることを目的としたPlenum Voidプロジェクトを開始しました。

🎶ニューCD『Empyrean Chronicles ~ エンピリアン・クロニクルズ』(2022)





Vibrational Rubicon ~ バイブレーションのルビコン

The Body Is A Lie ~ 身体は偽り

Galactic Disco ~ 銀河のディスコ

Cosmic Toast ~ 宇宙の乾杯

🎶ファーストCD『Cosmic Cafe ~ コズミック・カフェ』(2019/2011)

2011年のコンサートのために限定発売し完売したPlenum VoidのCDを、2019年に正式リリース!


TT website “Music”ページ
Plenum Void Website


TTNはTransformation Tools Network(トランスフォーメーション・ツールズ・ネットワーク)の略です。クリストファー&りえがホストする、オンライン動画配信ステーションで、4つのチャンネルから構成されています:《アーチストコーナー》、《ビューポインツ》、《iエクスパンション》、そして《TTNライブハウス》です。

TTNウェブサイト設立に伴い、YouTubeにTransformation Tools Networkチャンネルを開設しました。


* YouTube TTNチャンネル
TTN Artist Corner “Plenum Void Studio Tour – プレナム・ヴォイド スタジオツアー”(2021年2月24日放送)



Empyrean Chronicles
Release on 2022.2.2

Plenum Void
The ‘nothingness’ which holds the potential of all things
Christopher Currell

What is “Plenum Void”?
“Plenum” means a space completely filled with matter and “Void” means a completely empty space containing nothing.” It is a space that contains nothing yet has all the potentials. The theme of Christopher Currell’s music project is “Creation from Nothingness.”

🎶Empyrean Chronicles (2022)

After almost two years of making, the new Plenum Void CD “Empyrean Chronicles” will be released on Feb. 2, 2022.

The lyrics have very vast cosmic stories and the music is a high-energy electronic, rock, EDM, cosmic fusion of sounds that activates people and inspires them to live positively, especially the younger generation and ones who are young at heart!

All the songs are in Japanese. CD includes English lyrics booklet.

Music Composition, Performance and Production: Christopher Currell
Lyrics: Christopher Currell, Fumiya Fujii, Aco Takenaka
Vocal: Kanon Tomita

A teaser video of “Vibrational Rubicon”

Listen to…
Vibrational Rubicon

The Body Is A Lie

Galactic Disco

Cosmic Toast

🎶”Cosmic Cafe” (2019/2011)

A limited special edition of “Plenum Void” CD was released for the concerts in 2011 and all 100 copies are sold out. The CD was officially released in 2019.

Please enjoy the electronic music with rhythm and groove with cosmic elements flowing through the songs.

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TT website “Music” page
Plenum Void Website

*TTN Video Channel

TTN (Transformation Tools) is an online video broadcast station hosted by Christopher and Lie Currell. It consists of four channels: Artist Corner, Viewpoints, iExpansion, and TTN Live House.

We created a YouTube channel called “Transformation Tools Network” in conjunction with our TTN website launch.

The commemorative first show is from the TTN <Artist Corner> channel.

*YouTube TTN Channel
“Plenum Void Studio Tour” – TNN Artist Corner (Aired on Feb. 24, 2021)

Christopher and Lie talk about the TTN channels and the current recording project, Plenum Void. There is also a studio tour and a greeting message from the vocalist, Kanon.

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