Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


This article was written on 23. 12., 2013, and is filled under News, Report & Photo Gallery, Transformation Tools.

REPORT: iExpansionワークショップ

Transformation Tools & iExpansion
Life Orientation One

LOW1 Day2トランスフォーメーション・ツールズが主催する第1回目のiExpansionワークショップ「ライフ オリエンテーション1」は、ほぼ満員で大盛況のうちに終わりました。ワークショップの様子はこのページの最後にあるアルバムをご覧ください。






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Many people attended the first iExpansion workshop “Life Orientation One” presented by Transformation Tools and it was a full house and a great success! Please take a look at the album at the end of this page.

It started with a vibrational tuning, an improvised performance by Christopher Currell. And the lecture started on a high note with information from the perspective of the universe.

Students were surprised with such advanced information from the start, yet listened intently with great interest. The level of the students were high and many asked very good questions. There were exercises that are useful in daily lives as well.

It was full of new information. Two days passed very quickly filled with wonderful energy. It was very nice to see all the participants radiating with great smiles as they left the conference room.

Based on various feedback and comments, this workshop seemed to have given them an opportunity to make their own decisions to take their first steps toward consciousness expansion and transformation. I hope they will utilize and apply the information they learned and lead exciting lives by expanding their consciousness of their true self, Apeiran.

Christopher will explain what Apeiran is in future workshops, so stay tuned!