Currell Effect – カレルエフェクト


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REPORT: CEXディスカッション会

CEX Discussion Group
June 29, 2014








CEX準備コース – パート1
CEX準備コース – パート2

CEX No. 1 体験談

* * *

The first  CEX began with the three day CEX Preparation Course workshop in May,  and then CEX on June 7 to 9, and ended with CEX Discussion Group on June 29.

At the previous CE, we had sharing as part of the CE session. Unlike CE, no sharing nor talking after the CEX session. It is best not to introduce other vibrational influence after the CEX session so that the Currell Effect can continue. Since CEX is very powerful, the aftereffects will be more noticeable, so we decided to have CEX Sharing & Discussion Group for the participants, the CEX navigators.

Many people came to this Discussion Group. Everyone had a chance to share their CEX experiences and aftereffects in a very casual environment.

After CEX session, the participants were in altered state of consciousness, so listening to their experiences which they could not remember soon after the sessions were very interesting. But what was amazing was their aftereffects.

Here are some of the highlights of CEX aftereffects.
Many of them shared that they returned to their everyday lives and/or work, and their environments have not changed but they noticed that they have changed. Some were surprised to see themselves viewing situations objectively where they would have reacted emotionally or created stress, one could view things from other person’s point of view and the relationships with others have improved, one could have more straight and open communication which lead to unexpected opportunities, some had to confront  issues they have been avoiding and they are handling them without escaping, one  could clearly see what she wanted to do in life and could make a decision to walk the path based on what she always wanted to do, etc. How wonderful the CEX aftereffects are!

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