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This article was written on 3. 7., 2014, and is filled under News, Transformation Tools.

NEWS: 最新ニュース 2014.07.01

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NEWS – July 1, 2014 (from Christopher Currell)


I would just like to inform everyone of the latest news and updates here at Transformation Tools.

We are planning on doing CEX in September. If you are interested in attending, please check the TT website. The last CEX was totally full a month and a half before the event. I don’t want any of you to miss out.

We are also planning a workshop. Some people have asked for the Communication workshop/CEX Prep Course and some have requested the Life Orientation Workshop. So we decided to post a page where people that are interested in attending can request their preference. If we can get enough people interested in attending, we will do the workshop that is most requested. Since we are planning another CEX in December, we can do the second most requested workshop at that time. Please look for the workshop interest page on the TT website. It should be up soon.

Masayo Ikeuchi, in charge of Transformation Tools Office has moved on to more fully realize her mission. We would like to thank her for her wonderful contributions in expanding CEX and Transformation Tools. We wish her the best with her future endeavors.

There has been interest from some of you about teaching the workshops and my information. At this time there is no official or qualified individuals that can teach a TT workshop or my information. I have not really thought about this very much at this time since we here at TT are trying to get all twelve workshops assembled and ready to be delivered. This and CEX has been taking all our time and attention. However, in the future, I may revisit this subject and possibly create a supervisor course that would qualify an individual to supervise (teach) the TT workshops. Let me know your interest in this.

This sums up the current news. I hope to see all of you in September at the workshop and at CEX.

Infinite Light and Love,

Christopher Currell


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